CORBA_BAD_PARAM exception in ORB_Init under VBE6.5 for C++Builder2006 Update1

2006-01-05 05:11:32 PM
Hi, all
When we create a application(both VCL application and Non-VCL application)
using VisiBroker 6.5 for BCC5.8, we get several CORBA_BAD_PARAM exceptions
during calling ORB_Init(argc, argv) function.
I think this problem is similar to the article posted by Jin Liu san.
Please refer to
[Use BES VisiBroker 6.5 in C++Builder6?]
My environment:
*Compiler : C++Builder2006 + Update1 (Borland C++ 5.81)
*VBE : VisiBroker Edition 6.5 for BCC5.8
Information for: orb_br_65.dll
Product Name: BES - VisiBroker Edition: VisiBroker for C++ (Windows)
Version: 06.05.00.C2.14
Copyright: (C) 1992-2005
Company: Borland Software Corp.
Build Date: 08/11/2005 14:09:31
I love Borland and VisiBroker and C++Builder