slow lookup after adding char column

2007-02-22 04:33:15 PM
Problem with a game database, maybe this is not the correct place to ask
but hopefully someone can give me a clue.
I have a table with 40 integers, 10 small char fields, and 7 big
char(255) fields,
my database is mysql, and the table is fixed size, myisam with 600k records
Lately i have added a new char(255) column to this table and a tinyint
this increased the size of the table from 1.5gb to 1.7gb on disc
Im reading/writing to the database with a threaded TQuery, using
driver->mysql.. The thread was running fast but after altening the table
I noticed
that the thread is waiting a lot on certain queries, causing a queque
before my
database thread.. Then all in a sudden the queque is gone again (200+ sqls)
Possibly only certain queries are having some performance hit now, though in
my opinion adding another fixed size column shouldnt influence the
lookup speed?
Could there be some kind of limit on the bde or mysql odbc driver?
Anyone got an idea how i could fix this..