Who's locked the object?

2005-02-18 11:04:56 PM
In StarTeam I can see who's checked out and locked an object but I
cannot see where it was checked out to, i.e. which machine and/or path.
We currently have 2 Ms-Access projects that feed off one StarTeam
project, each looking at a particular view. If you check out and lock an
object in one Access database then open the other Access database it
gets its knickers in a twist and each Access database thinks it has the
object checked out and locked. In the StarTeam client itself there is no
way I can see to tell where the thing went, it just says its locked by
"a user".
The same problem occurs as I also work remotely, either on my laptop or
on my home machine so the object could have been checked out and
modified in any of 6 Access databases. I can't keep track of what I
checked out to where, I thought StarTeam was supposed to do that me.