Delphi3 and BDE app's installation suddenly fails

2005-09-02 04:25:00 PM
I've got a Delphi3 application which uses BDE with the task to compile, link
and distribute the setup produced with Install Shield Express Delphi
Edition. Although I had no idea of Delphi this worked fine for a long time,
but now suddenly the setup process doesn't install the BDE anymore, although
I still have selected 'full installation' and users have admin rights.
My first problem is that I can't deinstall BDE admin from control panel.
Even if I deinstall the application (which is the only one on this pc that
uses BDE) the icon will not disappear, and consequently a new setup always
works fine on this machine using the old environment from former times when
it still did run ok. Only if I delete all registry entries concerning BDE
and bdeadmin.exe will show me the error that no database was installed
during setup when running the newly installed app the first time.
My second problem is that I don't know what else to do that BDE could be
installed correctly. As this is a very old version of Delphi and Install
Shield I couldn't find some usefull hints at Google's. Changing to a newer
Delpi version will be no choice due to other internal restrictions.
How can I manually install (and perhaps deinstall) BDE? How can I make
Delphi running a complete install?
Any hints greatly appreciated. Thank you.