Need to set LOCAL path inside checked-out file(s)

2007-08-24 01:36:16 AM
I was looking for a Keyword to do this, but could not find anything :(
I need to be able to set the local path to the file upon checkout -- but
both $Folder$ and $Workfile$ are relative to the project.
For example, in my project I have two scripts:
If I check-out the project under, say, /tmp and invoke:
I want it to be able to construct the full path to the
Due to idiosynchrasies of the invoking method (Platform's LSF), the usual
method of using the relative ../scripts-bar/ is not possible.
So, is there any way to construct an equivalent to $LocalPath$ or some such,
which, in the above example, would translate into:
$LocalPath: /tmp/scripts-foo/ $
? Thanks for hints! Yours,