another timer0 question

2006-07-06 02:50:51 PM
hi ,
Is it possible to read timer0 while timer2 is running parallely in
a x86 PC running under DOS using assembly language(tasm).When i read
the timer it gives some count within 65536 I do not know wheher it is
correct.After issueing the READ BACK command it shows that timer0 is
programmed for mode 3 operation.I reconfigured the mode of timer0 after
reading the 8254 datasheet.I did not work.
I have to measure the time interval in microseconds between two
external interrupts to a pc.
As i am already using timer2 i cant use it and as timer1 is
used for RAM refreshing I can't use timer1 also.As my Pc is not a
PENTIUM class PC it is difficult/impossible to measure the clock
cycles using RTDSC. Is there any other time 8254 IC in the PC which is
accesible for the programmer?Can anyone help , please.