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Reformulating: Limit Clients

2004-05-19 08:41:08 PM
Reformulating my question, it would like to say that I possess an
application multilayers in which I have an application server that must
support 200 customers approximately. How I make this with BDE in this

Re:Reformulating: Limit Clients

Another option.
1. Run the BDE on the Server.
2. Run an HTTP Server that is BDE aware for data
Query's, etc. on that same file Server.
3. Access the Data via a browser front end.
This will allow as many connections to your BDE centric data as your Server
can handle.

Re:Reformulating: Limit Clients

How I make pra to pass a connection of an application for another one saw
method in the TLB, you can guide me? With this pra would obtain to make pool
of connections to limit in 48 customers.
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The only way would be some kind of connection pooling scheme where the
server is stateless and a pool of less than 48 connections.

Bill (TeamB)
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