migration to dbexpress - separating connection parameters from code

2003-07-01 03:05:03 AM
Dear all
I wrote several applications using bcb 3 & 4 enterprise, oracle 8.0.4,
and bde of course.
Now I migrated to bcb 6 and will migrate to oracle v9.
I read that the recommended solution would be to use dbexpress. Using
BDE, a user was able to change the db to connect to only in choosing the
server name in the bde administrator pane, without having to recompile
anything. I would like to put all the connection params totally
separated from the application(s).
If I start using dbExpress, do I have to write my own code to save all
the connection parms in the registry or in a configuration file, or is
there a bde-like application in which I could set an alias referred in
the code?
Thanks for your help;
Alain Bourgeois