CR references kill server

2006-02-03 12:38:06 AM
I have a specific CR which will kill the server if I select the
References tab in the Win32 client.
The CR is in a folder which another user here *may* have moved/shared
into a derived view by accident, and then put back to where it was
When I click on the CR and then click "References" the status bar
changes to "updating Item References" (during this time the CPU spikes
on the server machine) and then after 5-10 minutes I see
Unable to connect to server. Check if the server is running and that
the connection settings are correct.
(Socket Error: 10061, Connection refused)
If I look at Server Manager the service appears to be running but if I
look in Windows SCM the service is clearly stopped. I can't restart
with Server Manager but I can with the SCM.
I'm going to try to delete and recreate the CR to see what happens.
That's a pain though since I'll have to re-link.
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