2004-05-24 05:01:26 PM
Hi group,
Please forgive me if the answer to this question is obvious, but I have not
worked with the BDE ofr a long time.
I am trying to deploy and app. written in D6 against the BDE which connects
to MS SQL Server.
On the client machine I have deployed the BDE using the BDEINST.CAB (can't
remember how I did it either) and I have installed the latest client drivers
for MS SQL Server, as well as MDAC (it installs automatically with the MS
SQL client install).
The app. creates its own alias on the fly, but when I start and run, it, I
get the error message "Driver not know to system". Obviously, SQL Links was
not installed when I installed the BDE uisng the BDEINST.CAB file. I have
confirmed that the BDE can see the database, as if I create a System DSN in
the OBDC DataSources applet in the control panel, it appears in the BDE as
an alias which I can open.
If I try to create an explicit alias in the BDE Administrator, I cannot see
the MSSQL driver as it is not listed. ow I know that this probably has
something to do with not having installed SQL Links at the time of the BDE
install so I have copied sqlmss32.dll and sql_mss.cnf into the
c:\...\Borland Shared\BDE folder. I tried to register the .dll but recieved
an error message that the DLLUnreigster entry could not be found so that is
obviously not going to work.
My questions are:
1. How do you deploy the BDE together with SQL Links using the BDEINST.CAB
if indeed it is possible?
2. Given the current state of the installation, can I deploy SQL Links and
therefore the MSSQL native driver successfully, or will I have to do a
complete re-install of the BDE, and if so, what is the best route to go?
Thanks in advance.