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BDE and Microsoft Application Verification

2006-11-23 06:47:11 PM
I've recently tested my application with the Microsoft Application Verifier
software, and ran into some problems when closing and freeing TDatabase
I then made a simple test-application that only consists of a tdatabase and
two buttons, one for opening the database and one for closing it.
The TDatabase is connected to an Oracle database using ODBC (Oracle ODBC
driver 10.01).
Opening is no problem, however when I execute TDatabase.Close I get the
following error:
"Freeing heap block containing an active critical section."
and when I close the entire application, thus free-ing the TDatabase
component I get this:
"Unloading DLL containing an acive Critical section."
I also tested connecting to a local MS Access database using ODBC, that time
I got no error when closing the database, however the same error occured
when closing the application.
The error seems to originate in IDAPI32.dll, the call being
Has anyone done something similar that may have any ideas on where I can go
from here?

Re:BDE and Microsoft Application Verification,1410,28688,00.html
As Borland has been saying for many years, the place to go is away from
the BDE.
Bill Todd (TeamB)