Bin Laden Captured - TROJAN ALERT!

2004-04-30 09:42:38 AM
The following was sent to me by a friend -
'Osama' Spam Onslaught Leads to Trojan
A persistent new spam campaign that purports to show recipients pictures
of Osama bin Laden being captured is in fact a ruse that could lead victims
to download a malicious Trojan.
The e-mails have been flooding inboxes all over the Internet since
Thursday, carrying a subject line that reads: "Osama bin Laden
The sending address is spoofed, and the messages often appear in tightly grouped
batches of eight or 10 e-mails at a time. The text of the
message is as follows:
The entire article is here:,1759,1572633,00.asp
Val Mehling
XRL (Extreme Racing League) Info