Memory-friendly CodeCentral

2007-07-07 10:50:42 AM
This is regarding the "out of memory" and other "server busy" issues
people have been receiving with CodeCentral lately (mainly since some
popular big-ish files have been posted by Nick Hodges and Dee Elling).
I don't like deploying new web server software on a Friday, but this
change is making CodeCentral run more reliably and faster than it was
before. We'll monitor the 3 servers affected throughout the weekend to
make sure the memory issues have been resolved for sure.
The new download logic has been tested with IE, Firefox, and Free
Download Manager, and has been working perfectly (and much faster when
handling multiple requests). If you have any problems with downloading
files you SHOULD be able to download from CodeCentral, please post a
message with information on the client to the CodeCentral newsgroup, or
file a bug report in QC for the CodeCentral project.
Thanks for your patience while we refactored the server code to handle
the increased demand more competently.
Follow-ups to this post will show up in the
borland.public.bdn.codecentral newsgroup.
John Kaster
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