Inserting multiple page tiff into dbase

2004-06-14 05:36:26 PM
Used configuration on development machine:
windows 2000 professional
Delphi 7 Enterprise
Langner LUCA components
Pegasus Image XPress component
Configuration on testing machine:
Windows 2003 server
BDE 5.2
AVM Fritz Isdn card
Developing a service application, among others to receive faxes.
Receiving and converting to multipage Tiff is working correctly, the
problem is inserting the tiff into a dbase 7 table.
The tiff is jpeg compressed.
The field in the dbase table is defined as Binary(n,2).
I use the following code to insert the image:
DataMod.tblArquivoLog.Fields[Ord(tql_Numero)].AsInteger :=
As TBlobField).BlobType := ftTypedBinary;
As TBlobField).LoadFromFile(faxFile);
What happens is that on exporting from the database using dbasePlus, the
file loses the first 8 bytes and makes all pages beyond the first
unreadable (IrfanView accuses the file of being a jpeg).
I had used a FileStram and a BlobStream, and the CopyFrom returned the
right amount of bytes. I don't know where the bytes are lost, on writing
or exporting. If the tif is imported using dbasePlus, it exports just
Maybe the field type is not the right one (although it worked once).
Any help in this matter most appreciated, because I can't figure it out
Dipl. Inform. Sabine Dinis Blochberger (FH)
s.blochberger @