QC documentation moved to CDN

2006-12-16 04:05:43 PM
I've moved the QC documentation to the new community I've created on
dn.codegear.com (CDN, the CodeGear Developer Network).
dn.codegear.com/help/qc should list it all.
The links on qc.codegear.com should all point there now.
I'm hoping this will allow people to update the documentation and do
the new versions. For now, the easiest way to do that is to click the
"submit translation" button on the page.
Soon (maybe even next week if my CDN developers are still speaking to
me after this marathon effort), we will also provide a "direct" edit
link that will allow you to download the original document (if it's an
MS word or other rich document), or edit in place with the rich browser
editor the document you wish to update.
GetPublished already supports versioning and automatic links to
translations. See dn.codegear.com/help/gp for more information
on GetPublished.
In general, it's probably a good idea to look at
I hope you like the new look and new capabilities of the CodeGear
developer network.
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Get source: cc.borland.com
If it's not here, it's not happening: ec.borland.com