Re: Turbo Pascal with Novell 6

2003-11-21 11:00:27 PM
Maybe there is an answer in the Novel SDK downloadable from the Novell
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"Lee Paulson" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
| This may not be the right forum and if not, I apologize, however I
only see
| one forum for Turbo Pascal here. We have a rather large TP
| which we migrated from a Novell 4.11 server to a Novell 6 server
| On Novell 4.11 I can run a procedure from the DOS unit called change
| attribute and it will allow me to change a file from non sharable to
| sharable. However, under Novell 6 this function does not work. As a
| result, the files cannot be shared and it's shutting down our company.
| anyone know 1. where I might go to find an answer to this. or
| 2. if there is a Novell function call that I can use to make this
| Thank you in advance, Lee Paulson