User Interface Reviews-LIVE! at BorCon

2003-10-13 12:28:00 PM
Hi All,
If you will attending the upcoming Borland Conference in
San Jose, California in a few weeks, there is still time to
submit a user interface to be considered for review during my
User Interface Reviews-LIVE! session.
This is a great way to get a FREE user interface review,
and having an attendee's interface reviewed personalizes the
session for the entire group.
User Interface Reviews-LIVE! is a follow-up to my popular
Effective User Interface Design session. In User Interface
Reviews-LIVE!, I will be conducting live user interface
reviews by applying the rules and guidelines introduced in
Effective User Interface Design to real-world applications
currently being created by other developers attending the
conference. In the process, the attendees of this session will
learn the benefit of having someone else review their user
interfaces. They will also have the opportunity to learn about
specific topics not covered in my Effective User Interface Design
session. For example, the use of fonts and color, field layout,
user navigation, control selection, etc.
For more information and for instructions on how to submit
an interface for review, please visit: