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datasnap to .NET

2005-10-05 02:51:13 PM
Currently I develop ISAPI webbroker (lots of internet express) with remote
data modules and interbase using IBX.
I have played with Delphi 2005 a bit and was able to rig up a web data grid
to my existing data. I have a couple of basic questions.
1. What happened to the app server? Asp.NET seems to have a client / server
kind of arrangement.
2. Will I be able to import my RDM into ASP.Net? I have a few com (disp)
3. I guess the internet express page producers are out of the question?
(mods to linkfields and nick's utils) How about the client datasets? Do have
to rewrite all that code to use a BDP? Is my whole web server a rewrite?
Mark Horrocks

Re:datasnap to .NET

One more. In my internet express datagrids I have a page ahead button>>
which moves records ahead by the screen full not, one record at a time. I
could not replicate this functionality wih the asp.NET web data grid. Is it