ApplyUpdates Woes

2005-05-12 07:50:00 PM
Delphi 5 app, IB database (various versions), BDE 5.2
I have the following code;
if LogAltAddrQuery.UpdatesPending then begin
ApplicationData.OutputAudit('CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) 1a');
ApplicationData.OutputAudit('CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) 1b');
ApplicationData.OutputAudit('CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) 1c');
02/05/2005 08:16:14 08:16:14:276 CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) 1
02/05/2005 08:16:14 08:16:14:276 CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) 1a
02/05/2005 08:16:14 08:16:14:292 CALLINPUT (SaveLogRecord) Exception - At
end of table.
Periodically, without any apparent pattern, calling
LogAltAddrQuery.ApplyUpdates; will cause an exception "At end of table". I
have a screenshot of the logAltAddQuery Dataware controls at the point this
error was raised and their is no details in it. What can I do in code to
handle this better as you would have to assume that there would be no
updatespending as my users have not typed into those dataaware controls..
any help is greatly appreciated.