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2008-03-27 09:31:50 AM
Will wrote:
Can a Paradox/BDE run across a WAN network, or across the Internet?
It depends on what you mean by run. The performance will be abominable
because desktop databases generate a lot of network traffic.
The best solution for running a database application across the
Internet is Windows Terminal services. If you are writing a new app
consider a multi-tier app. If you need to convert your existing Paradox
app the best choice I am aware of is Advantage Dabase Server. I have
tested it across the Internet and it is usable as long as you do not
retrieve large volumes of data.
Bill Todd (TeamB)

Re:Re: BDE and WAN

Try running the app from a remote location using Remote Desktop. Remote
Desktop is Terminal Services restricted to a single user. That will let
you test the app and the performance.
Terminal services is essentially multi-user Windows. When you set up a
Terminal Server multiple users (up to the number of licenses you have)
can connect remotely to the server and run programs on it. The programs
actually run on the server. The only thing that is remoted is the
screen. You do not even need a PC at the remote location. You can use a
dumb terminal. IIRC the licensing is about $80 per concurrent user. You
can get more info on Microsoft's Web site. The nice thing about
Terminal Services is that the users can run any app that is installed
on the server whether it is your database app, Word, Excel or anything
else. All the software installation, maintenance, backups etc are done
centrally on the server so administration is much easier.
Bill Todd (TeamB)

Re:Re: BDE and WAN

Will wrote:
What I mean by run is if the Paradox application will function at all
Several years ago I had a major system running in Paradox on a LAN. My
client insisted that it would work over the WAN i said it wouldn't. To
settle the argument we ran a test.
We got all the users out of the system, then we brought up a record in
the office - 3 seconds. We then got a remote user to do exactly the
same, telling us when she hit enter and when the record came up on the
screen - 90 seconds. "Run" wasn't the work for it! While it did work,
the speed made it totally unusable.
I "won" that one with the result that the client agreed to go
Client/Server and as that necessitated a rewrite, I got to move it to
... Joe
Member of the UK Developers Group


Re:Re: BDE and WAN


But I have one more question. The system is a POS system for 3
different locations. If there are sales transactions going on at each
location concurrently, how does that work? Secondly, will the bar
code scanner on the POS machine send the data to the server, and will
the receipt printer get its information back from the server to print
the receipt at the sales location?
Printing should not be a problem. If the bar code scanner connects to
the keyboard input it should work too. If not you will need to talkt to
someone who knows more about Terminal Services than I do. You should be
able to get better answers to these questions on the appropriate
Microsoft newsgroup.
Bill Todd (TeamB)