Star Team Server Error

2006-07-20 02:13:46 AM
We are evaluating StartTeam and running a test on it with real data.
Today, i've created a couple of new folders and added the files of five
delphi projects. Two of them have more than 1000 files.
When i finish loading a new entire project, I'm getting a "out of
memory" error.
When i select the folder of some projects (including the two big
projects), i get the error:
"A client server command buffer contained less data than expected"
Details are:
Exception class: CStCoreException
Error code: 5
All other fields are blank in the error message.
My operating system is Windows XP Pro with sp2 and the starteam client
version is 2005R2 build 8.0.172
Anyone have idea of what's the fix for this problem.
Thanks in advance.