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Cannot open existing project

2008-03-05 11:11:02 PM
We have a StarTeam 6 server that has 5 projects. All users have
always had access rights to open all 5 projects.
Yesterday we added a new user and allowed them access to all 5
projects. After the new user had been using the system for a couple
of hours all our other users noticed that when they tried to use the
Open Project Wizard one particular project, "Data Project", no longer
appeared in the list of available projects.
Now the only user that can access "Data Project" is this new user.
Even the security administrators cannot see this project. When logged
on as this user if I try to access Project - Access Rights I get the
"You do not have access rights to perform this operation" message,
even though I have now made this user a security administrator as
I suspect that this user has changed something to do with project
security but since I cannot get past the "You do not have access
rights to perform this operation" message I cannot prove this.
My only option would seem to be a full restore of the last backup of
StarTeam before this happened but this seems excessive for the problem
we have.
Any ideas/tools/db scripts that can help would be gratefully

Re:Cannot open existing project

Further to my post yesterday I have reproduced what this user has done
by granting my account access to another project and then removing the
change object access right from my account.
This means that only I can access the project but I can no longer undo
this change and allow other people access to the project.
I would assume this would be quite easy to undo in the StarTeam
database, if only I understood the table structure.
All I need to do is remove all security from the project.
Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated