BDE deployment on Windows 2000

2004-01-16 07:51:55 PM
Hi to all,
I have written an application with dBase PLUS 2.01 bd. 1703 that it works on
many computer.
I have performed an installation on Windows 2000, the program works, it
opens the FrameWin, I open a window from the menu, when the program tries to
open a table of the data base, are visualized some errors of the BDE, I see
them in Italian language, I hope to translate them as you would see them
with the BDE English:
Functionality not supported
Non valid parameter
It seems that don't succeed in using the BDE.
I have made another installation inserting the BDE in the
same directory of the program, but the errors are the same.
The installation of BDE is performed with a file standard Intallshield,
distributed by the DBASE inc. (TM)
I have never had problems with the same installation on: 95/98/ME/NT/XP HOME
What am I wrong?
Do I have to modify some register key for this operating system?
Thanks for any help, will be very pleasant
Andrea Corradi