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Deploying BDE

2006-05-19 07:55:21 PM
How can I deploy the BDE ?
I am now using Installshield Express 2 for Delphi 4. This is a win16 setup
I thought to move to InstallShield Express 4 for Delphi 2005. However, this
program does not have a BDE installer. In the Help is written that a BDE
plugin must be downloaded. I did, but when starting the download I get the
message "Delphi 2005 is not installed on the PC", but Delphi 2005 is
installed and registered.
So, with IS 4 it is not possible to deploy the BDE.
I tried InnoSetup with the BDE installer, but here I get the error messages
: "Win32 Error. Code: 5 Access has been refused" and "Error copying BDE
config file to backup". This BDE installer installs version 5.1 and not
version 5.2.
Is there a Win32 solution for deploying the BDE ? Or how can the errors with
InnoSetup be solved ?
Hubert Anemaat

Re:Deploying BDE

Any version of InstallShield that comes with any version of Delphi
though and including D7 can install the BDE. Another alternative is to
use the BDE Info Utility installer at .
Note that the user running the BDE install must be a member of the
Administrators group.
Bill Todd (TeamB)