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Problem connecting to server

2007-01-22 10:41:33 PM
I've got a weird problem.
I'm currently using BDS2006 with the starteam IDE plugin, but it doesn't
want to connect to the StarTeam server. But, if I use the standalone
StarTeam client, I can connect to the StarTeam server. And, both the
BDS2006 and the standalone client are on the same computer. Also, the
problem occurs even with the firewall turned off. And, the problem has only
been occurring during the past week, and there wasn't any changes on the
configuration of the server, nor the configuration settings was changed on
the client computer.
Any ideas what can cause the BDS2006 StarTeam client not to connect, and
that the StarTeam standalone client can connect to the server?
I'm looking at this with a puzzled look.
Best Regards,
Daniel Rail
Senior Software Developer
ACCRA Solutions Inc.(
ACCRA Med Software Inc.(

Re:Problem connecting to server

I'm no help. I think I have the same problem. I just installed the
StarTeam stuff on a new client machine. I can get into the Administrator as
a user and see stuff there, but I can't seem to connect otherwise.