General SQL Error 13059 when connect with BDE

2004-06-02 10:04:42 AM
I have problem connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with BDE (version 5.01) on Windows NT. It returns "Database Engine Error - General SQL Error, BDE Error: 13059, [$33] [$ 3], Alias: toys" Here is the suituation and information about my problem:
1). It works fine on any Windows 95/98/Me machine.
2). The same version of SQL clients networking tools (it comes with MSSQL7 and is also Windows NT compatible) are installed on all computer.
3). I am logged in as a member of Administrators. Thus, I don't think there would be any security problem.
3). I have no connection problem when I try to connect to the MS SQL server via ODBC, except I can't make changes to the database due to an "Unique Key not found" Error.
4). I have already installed DAO and the latest version MDAC after it failed. But it doesn't solve the problem.
5). I have tried to connect to the MS SQL Server (via BDE) without a database name, but it returns the same error.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.