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Error $2B05

2004-05-19 11:45:12 PM
I'm using the BDE administrator version 5.0 in OS W2K server.
My application have the error $2B05 (permission danied).
Anyone can help me.
Daniel Previdi

Re:Error $2B05

"Bill Todd (TeamB)" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
Are you logged in as Administrator when the error occurs? If not, make
sure that the user you are logged in as has read/write rights to the
BDE directory and the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Borland\Database
Engine registry key.

Bill (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)
I have a similar problem except I'm using a DCOM Connection to an
application server running on a Windows 2000 server. My
application can retrieve data from an MS SQL Server database, but
when a second user boots the app and tries to get data he gets the
$2B05 error.
This same application works fine for multiple users connecting to
the application server on another Windows 2000 server. As far as
I can tell the DCOM server objects are configured identically.
How does one set the read/write permission on the above registry

Re:Error $2B05

Start REGEDT32.EXE and choose Edit | Permissions from the menu.
Bill (TeamB)
TeamB cannot answer questions received via email