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Database Purge

2006-12-05 12:34:00 AM
Is there a way to truly purge deleted Projects/Views from the database?
I have deleted several projects, and run the purge in Server
Administration, but there are still records in the database for the
projects, views belonging to those projects, and files belonging to
those views.
I understand that some things may not be removed due to sharing of items
between projects, but there is no between any of the projects in the
I was hoping this would reduce the size of my database, but it seems the
purge did little more in the database than set the DeleteComplete flag
for these items. Is there anything that can remove these items from the
Matt Roberts

Re:Database Purge

If you do any type of sharing across projects, then purging
your database will usually not do any good.
For something to truly purge from the database (and file
system), there cannot be any references to that asset.
If you shared a file from a view in one project to a view in
another project, the History tab still has a reference to
the original view associated with the revision. So as long
as the target view exists, that reference can't be purged
because you can roll back the view configuration to that point
and it has to be able to retrieve that revision.
So, again, ALL references have to be gone before something will
purge out. If you do a lot of sharing, you will create a web
of references that will be almost impossible to get rid of.
For instance, we have about 80 active and visible projects. If
I look at the database tables, there are around 140 projects.
So there are 60 projects taking up database space. Why?
Because the projects have views and the views haven't gone
away. We have something like 330 views in all our visible
projects. I think there are close to 700 in the database.
None of that will purge because sharing files caused all those
references to deleted views and since the views don't purge,
the projects can't purge either.
Good luck.