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Question about BDE / Paradox date functions

2005-04-12 10:11:31 PM
I am trying to write a query using BDE 5.01 and Paradox that would be
similar to this:
select * from table where table.datecolumn>getdate()-30
In short, this would only return records where the table.datecolumn column
has a date within the last 30 days.
Is this possible using BDE / Paraox SQL?
-- Mike Helms
Martin Marietta Materials

Re:Question about BDE / Paradox date functions

There is no function to return the current data in Local SQL. You will
have to supply the date via a parameter.
select * from table where table.datecolumn>:DateParam
Query1.ParamByName('DateParam').AsDateTime := Date - 30;
Bill Todd (TeamB)
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