[BCB2006][MYODBC] error when Table.Post() : record/key deleted

2007-08-28 09:46:49 PM
hello everybody
I use BDE with Borland C++ Builder 2006 and a (big) application, with
Borland Paradox. All works fine.
I MUST use MySQL for this application, so I use MyODBC to use MySQL without
change a lot of code. I still use BDE VCL components (TTable, TDatabase,
Sometimes I have a EDBEngineError exception "Record/Key deleted" when I call
TTable::Post(). I start from an empty base !
I use transactions (TDatabase::StartTransaction(), TDatabase::Commit()) and
TTable::UpdateMode = UpdateWhereKeyOnly (I try the other options too).
I'm really tired of this kind of problems (the VCL components are made to
easy access , um ?), does anybody can help me ???
Thanks a lot !!!!