SQL Server Page Locking on select

2005-05-10 03:54:00 PM
How can I prevent SQL Server to make a server side page locking on a single
select ?
I've made a little query to test it from Borland SQL Explorer with a MSSQL
alias (so using bde+sqllinks).
Select code, descr from mytable.
The result provides 65000 records.
I go in Sql Server Enterprise Manager/Server/Database/Management and check
the locks on objects.
I can see that there is a page lock on "mytable".
I run a second instance of Sql Explorer and try to update the first record
of the table.
I can't until i close the first instance of SQLExplorer or if I go to the
last record of the select result !
I've tried to change a lot of things on my BDE parameters. None works.
I've tried to make the same with an odbc connection, it is the same.
Ive tried the same from SQL Analyser. The table is locked until the complete
result is displayed.
I think it could be a sql server parameter to change.
I don't understand why a lock is set because of a select statement ???
Help please.