Sorting data

2006-07-03 07:15:46 PM
Hi all,
I m developing application which sorts data using combobox.
I m using sort() function.
Here QIComboBox1 is the class.
Now if i have ltems like(1,12,5,7,Z,A) in my list.
i want to sort data as this(1,5,7,12,Z,A)
void __fastcall QIComboBox1::Sort()
char a[100][100];
int cnt = QIComboBox1->Items->Count;
int i,j,k;
{ strcpy(a[i],QIComboBox1->Items->Strings[i].c_str());
Application->MessageBoxA((a[i]),"value of a[i]",0);
///////// This will give all values.
How to sort it?