Calling a function in another RDM

2005-05-23 04:33:13 AM
Using D6, dbExpress with Luxena's Informix driver, WinXP:
In a function on one remote datamodule (let's say r1), I am trying to
call a function on another RDM (let's say r2). In the r1 function, I
use the class factory for r2 to spawn an instance of it. My hope was
since the instance is being created by a thread in r1, I would not have
threading issues with r2. It seems this is not the case. I can set a
breakpoint in the r2 function and see that it indeed is being called,
but the first time it tries to open a dataset, all hell breaks loose: an
AV is thrown, and then the database driver throws some vague error. The
functions in r2 are known to work because they work when called from the
client. Please, any help would be appreciated!