new lookup-field in ttable component and indexing...

2003-09-29 02:45:36 AM
moin, moin here s Frank :-)
I have a little problem with Indexing:
Have a table bilanz.db with a field named
BKID. there is a lookup-table called
ID *
Name A 35
BKID Integer
ID *
Name A 35
combining BKID and ID is the normal way
to store ID in BKID. Using now a dbgrid to
display BKID, i ve defined a new field in ttable,
called sName which displays Name from ntkonto.db
instead of BKID. so far so good. i want to set a secondary
index to the field sName, but i get an error-message that the
index isnt defined. (the same in paradox and access).
but i think there must be a way to define indexes without using
the database itself to define them inside from Delphi ???
any suggestions ?
best regards
Frank Schrade