Problems with the MS Jet Engine and the BDE-Administrator

2004-12-16 12:36:34 AM
I will try to describe my problem:
My PC System is Windows XP with Servicepack 2.
I have a Delphi application, which uses the BDE-Administrator (V5.01).
Parallel runs an Excel macro using the MS-Jet Engine for data access. The
macro takes a large amount of data from a database and holds it in memory.
If the Delphi application runs at the same time (it does not use the same
database) and the Excel application makes any database access, the Excel
application crashes without an error message. Also the Delphi application is
not more stable.
Increasing the BDE property MAXBUFSIZE from 2048 to 32768 defuses this
problem, everything seems to work afterwards, but the situation remains
still unclear.
Does anybody know similar cases? Are there conflicts between the MS Jet
Engine and the BDE-Administrator?