QC51749: Wrong OldCreateOrder for inherited Data Modules

2007-09-11 06:25:37 PM
In inherited data modules the property OldCreateOrder is always True, no
matter what it is in the ancestor and no matter what you define in the
Object Inspector.
How to reproduce:
Create a data module and leave the OldCreateOrder property in its default
value (False).
Create a second data module inheriting from the first one: the
OldCreateOrder property is also False.
Save and close the second data module. Reopen the second datamodule: now the
OldCreateOrder property is True!
Now try to change the property to False by "Revert to inherited" or
explicitly put False in it using the Object Inspector. Save and close the
data module. Reopen it and the OldCreateOrder property is again True!
Same beahaviour at run-time.
Bruno Cuzzi