Opening .key and .dta files

2005-09-16 02:17:59 AM
I've got a big problem. I've got an old program that's written in Turbo
Pascal, I don't know which version. I've only got the compiled executable
(.exe file), I haven't got the source code. The program works with a
database that consists of .dta and .key files which represent the data
The program has been used for years and the database contains lots of data
that has been build up through these years. The problem is that I stopped
using this program but need to extract the data somehow. My goal is to
convert this Turbo Pascal database to MS Excel or MS Access so that the data
can be used by these MS Office applications.
Is there a way to accomplish this and if so, how? Any help would be very
much appreciated because this is a HUGE problem for me.
Thanks in advance!