Anyone has source of Midas.dll and able to help me fix an extremely bugs?

2006-11-15 07:30:13 PM
I encounter a problem with Midas.dll in BDS 2006. I have file an issue
in QC:
This problem occurs in the following situation:
1. A ClientdataSet has over 16 nested dataset. The Delta packet has a
Inserted row.
2. Provider's PropagateChanges is set to True.
3. Provider has a BeforeUpdateRecord event handler that update a field's
value and hope it will transmit back to ClientDataSet.
4. When call TClientDataset.ApplyUpdates(0), it will prompt "Access
Violation at address 4DAFE6C9 in module 'midas.dll'".
This problem doesn't occurs in Delphi 7. It happens in BDS 2006.
Deploy the application with both Midas.dll or MidasLib.dcu raise same
P/S: The demo in attachment shows how to produce the error. For ease of
replaying the problem, I use a ClientDataSet as middle tier dataset.
However, this problem also occurs in real DBExpress application using
I couldn't deploy my app with midas.dll of Delphi 7 as there are lot of
fixed done on BDS 2006 midas.dll. Doesn't anyone here can help me fix
it if you have accessed the source code of midas.dll?
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Chau Chee Yang
E Stream Software Sdn Bhd
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