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Re: "Birds-of-a-Feather" tracks/sessions this year?

2004-09-02 07:06:28 AM
Bob Dawson wrote:
If Vegemite wasn't ashamed of itself, it would come in a chunky
version, like peanut butter does.<g>
LOL! I'll pay that one.
David Clegg
Vote 1 :-)
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Re:Re: "Birds-of-a-Feather" tracks/sessions this year?

Bob Dawson wrote:
take the likeness more generally as that of being
'a spreadable compound of uncertain ingredient or edibility that will
stain your clothes'--really quite apt. :-)
Hey it doesn't stain your clothes!
FWIW, I actually converted my college room mate after a while. Just
takes some getting used to.
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Re:Re: "Birds-of-a-Feather" tracks/sessions this year?

Ingvar Nilsen in < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
He would probably film the whole session and add it to the Borland TV
episodes <g>
I don't think our servers could handle the bandwidth load.
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