Paper Management Tool

2005-03-30 12:12:06 PM
I've decided it isn't worth my time to submit abstracts this year.
Since I am not a "preferred" speaker it really isn't worth my while no
matter how much I enjoy it. I do however have a paper management tool
I wrote last year that I was planning to share with anyone interested
this year. I have not updated it or even seen if it needs updating for
any changes.
The tool keeps track of all the various fields you need to have filled
out to make sure you are within the length limits. It also spell
checks everything for you. In previous years I found myself pasting
between a word / character counter and Microsoft Word to spell check
It uses {*word*60} and DBISAM. If there is any interest then I will upload
it to code central. If needed I can recompile any changes that are
explicitly outlined.
I'll be sure to remove all my abstracts before uploading it.
Enjoy and good luck!
-Jim McKeeth and