Wierd BDE (?) problem

2005-12-03 03:50:15 AM
Using BCB5, BDE 5.11, windows XP Sp2..
Don't quite know how to explain this one nor if it's actually a BDE issue BUT -
here goes -
I have a system at work and at home - similar but not identical. Have BCB5
installed on both. Application uses BDE. I have options set the same - one
exception - BCB install drive at home is H: and work is C:.
So far so good - I have been able to compile the application either at home or
at work and it compiles and runs with no problems on either system. The app uses
Nevrona Report Printer for output.
Just upgraded to the latest Nevrona release and after install, compiled the
application on both systems.
Now, the problem - the exe produced at home works as expected on BOTH systems
however, the exe produced at work does not display any data contained in the
database tables.
I am at a complete loss - have no idea where to begin to find out the problem.
What could be different between the systems that I might have missed. EVen
copied the .bpr file from the "good" system and recompiled. No change.
Could really use some help here.
Vic Baron
Vic Baron
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