TEdit - Font.size TOO LARGE when editing, but ok when not in focus

The Font.size of a TEdit field becomes much larger when I'm editing the
field.  This is a real problem, since you can't read the data being typed in.
 As soon as you <TAB> or click, to get focus off the TEDit box, the font.size
returns to the proper size.

This problem ONLY HAPPENS in Win 3.1, not when the program is run in Win95.  
It seems that the Font being used durig editing may be different in Win3.1
vs. Win 95.  Perhaps the 3.1 PC doesn't have the correct "editing font", if
there is one.  Do I need to include another font in my installation program
to make sure all PCs have the proper fonts.  What Font is being used during
editing (if it's different than TEdit.Font) and how can I change it?