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Delphi 6 - 'Path Error'


I'm trying to install Delphi 6  Enterprise and I'm experiencing a problem -
after the installer has completed deletion of all its backup files, I get a
Path Error warning - something like error 2350 and the installation aborts.
Whilst the installation seems to function, I would feel more reassured to
know that the installation is sound.

Any ideas ?

We are continuing to support Delphi 5 products and have Delphi 5 installed
too, I was wondering whether this might be the source of any conflict ?




Re:Delphi 6 - 'Path Error'


Try running the Reg clean utility in D6, then run the repair option from the
CD.  This may help your installation.  At this point, can you run the FishFact


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Re:Delphi 6 - 'Path Error'

Hi Kendall,

Thanks for the feedback - I'd given up hope ! No and Yes ! ... No, I can't
run the Reg Clean utility - it moans at me for not having an OS better than
98 ! and yes I can compile and run FishFacts - enlightening !

Any other ideas ? - I tried another one of our machines here - not one that
I use for development normally and it installs fine - and that's a 98
machine but without Delphi 5.

Andrew ;o)

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