Using TUtility on Paradox tables


We are developing a database intensive application from which we would like to
provide a menu for repair and troubleshooting problems with the databases
(should they occur).  Also, as a preventative measure, we would like to run a
verification on the tables (and possibly a restructure) as part of our
overnight processing (which happens anyway).  Obviously, TUTILITY.DLL is what
I need to use -- my question is HOW?  I dowloaded a Pascal/Delphi interface to
the DLL from Borland, as well as a document called "Table Repair for ObjectPAL
Developers".  While the DLL interface is handy (now I don't have to do it
myself), the document I got is nearly useless.  It does not discuss the
methodologies behind using the DLL, nor really even how to use it.  They do
give some code samples, but they are in ObjectPAL and seem to be woefully
incomplete, and there is *NO* comments describing what is being done.  I would
like some comprehensive documentation on the philosophies of database repair,
and examples on using TUTILITY.DLL to do it.  Or, better yet, some nicely
written component with good help which will do repairs, etc. for me!  
Any suggestions are badly needed!  (Oh, and as if I'm not asking enough, I'm
under a bit of a time crunch, so the sooner the better!!!)  Thanks in advance.

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