big big tip for speeding things up

 cu> ASM
 cu> mov ah, 0ch
 cu> mov ax, [Color]
 cu> mov cx, [X]
 cu> mov dx, [Y]
 cu> mov bx, [1]
 cu> int 10h
 cu> End;

 cu> Where X, and Y are the coordinates on the screen that you want to
 cu> put the pixel.

 I would have thought using an interrupt would be slower. Also, BIOS
 support for a lot of MCGA/SVGA modes it not provided, this would be
 unreliable on computers with different BIOSs etc. For example, using
 Int 10h to perform drawing ops only works in CGA and 16-col VGA
 MODES.. no chance of it working in 13h or any of the unchained or
 SVGA modes :(

 Still, never mind.
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