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well yes, the memo and blob fields overflow and the MB file is
should, but when I delete the record with that blob and or memo field the MB
file does not shrink like I expected it would


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Jeremy Collins wrote in message ...
>In article <6nnr2r$>, Alex van Kaam
><> writes

>>I have a table with a Memo field and a Binary Field, what these fields
>>contain is stored in the <databse name>.MB file.

>>so far so good, but if I delete a record, how come the MB file does not
>>shrink ?? is their a way to "pack" the MB file again?

>I can send you code to pack a table, but are you sure that this is

>When you created your tables, you specified the number of bytes for
>the memo and blob fields that are actually stored in the table file.

>Any overflow from this is stored in the .mb file. If your data did
>not exceed this limit, then it was never in the .mb in the first
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