Query about manipulating strings in Pascal (HELP!!!)

Benjman wrote:
> I have a task that needs to be completed (if possible) regarding
> a small Turbo Pascal 7.0 code I am writing. The task that needs to
> be done is a follows:

> I need to code a program that can take a text file and read it.
> It then needs to be able to remove specific words enclosed in a
> special character that does not appear anywhere else in the document.
> So, for example, if this special character was speech marks ("), then
> the program could read the following:

> -------------------
> ?bve"This"rNCvd"is"??-"a"nudfi
> vBDf"test"bnjrevsB"message."hrehrt
> -------------------
> And the output would be: 'This is a test message.'
> -------------------

> Assuming the file to be 'decoded' is different ever time, can this
> be done? Any help, or a little sample code would help me out no end.

It's not difficult.  Some pseudocode:

  inquotes := false
  while not at end of file do
    get a character
    is it a quote?
      if yes, are we already in quotes?
        if yes,
          inquotes := false
          add a trailing space to string
        if no, inquotes := true
      if no, are we in quotes?
        if yes, add letter to string
        if no, discard letter

There's your pseudocode (indentation indicates nesting, just used that to
spare some extra typing).

> If you can't work it out either, don't worry, but there must be someone...!
> Thanks in advance
> --
> Ben
> b...@benjman.demon.co.uk

> P.S. It would be really useful if you could e-mail direct. Sorry, but there
> are A LOT
> of Pascal newsgroups out there! Thanks!

That doesn't mean you need to post to ALL of them.  I trimmed the least
relevant groups from the headers (about half of them).

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