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I am curious about creating an ISAM file in Turbo Pascal.  Any COBOL
programmers should know what I am talking about.  Is it possible in TP and
if so can some one send me an example.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                        Jason Sherman



Indexed Sequential Access Method files can certainly be built in TP.  I'd
be happy to do one for you for a reasonable fee.  However, unless you
simply have to have ISAM, you might want to look at the library methods in
object pascal, or even better, the extensions built in Object Professional
by the Turbo Power people.  These give excellent access speed to whatever
objects you want to put in them.  It may seem a long way from ISAM, but I
found the basic concept of an object library to be more like ISAM than any
other data storage I've come across.

Unfortunately, these are limited in the number of objects you can stick
into them -- 32 K -- due to the array of pointers taking up 64K.  To get
around it, I'm sure you could do something with protected mode.  

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