One Object Model Please: Delphi 3.0 and JBuilder 1.0 Client/Server Development

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I'd have to agree that having a Corba interface in Delphi would be a
great thing.  COM is fine but for non Microsoft servers (or Clients)
it's just about impossible.  Corba is stable and usable, What I haven't
seen from any of the ORB vendors is a good IDE to improve development
time.  adding Corba support to the Delphi (and C++Builder) IDEs would be
a huge step forward for the community, and I think that Borland would
find lots of developers with deep pockets for such support.

Ross Judson wrote:

> I didn't know that there was a pascal corba binding -- I'm going to have to go
> and look it up.  Sounds to me like there's a good opportunity for a third party
> developer to step in here with a good Delphi/CORBA binding.  It should be VERY
> possible.

> Jon Nakkerud wrote:

> > Borland is looking at providing solutions to Delphi <==> Java multi tier
> > development.
> > We are looking at different technologies.  Generating skeletons/stubs in
> > pas will be
> > difficult since there are no orbs that support pascal corba mapping.
> > Borland is not in the orb business, so you will not see us creating one.
> > However, we are acutly aware of the need to have Delphi Servers communicate
> > with Java clients and vica versa.

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