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forms don't run the onCreate event (??!!??)


I'm experiencing a problem i can't find a way out...

It's a little tricky to explain, but...

I created a form i called FrmBasicDoc (class: TFrmBasicDoc). There
there is a ttable component and some ediyt boxes for the common

From that, i have descended two classes: TFrmIncomeDoc and
TFrmExpenseDoc. Both classes still have descendents: TInvoice, TBill,
TBla bla bla...

It was all working fine. 'Till somewhere where TFrmIncomeDoc sort of
became strange... When, anywhere in the program i try to create an
instance of an Income Document (such as TInvoice) it turns out not
doing a thing at all.

I go for a debug, and i find out none of the 3 OnCreate events that
should get triggered is executed. BUT.... I can see the program
running thru the onDestoy event for the TFrmIncomeDoc

I'm embaressed for being so mixed up. Would anyone be kind to say any
thing to lead me on finding my (i believe it is mine) error



Re:forms don't run the onCreate event (??!!??)

I've been reading thru old news and ound someone talking about a
silimilar problem. Somehow he managed to find an event he wanted to
call redirected to nil. I looked up in my dfm file and can't find any
reference to an OnCreate event tought i can see it on the properties
window... I'm getting more and more confused...

Pls help.

Re:forms don't run the onCreate event (??!!??)

I Got it....

This mologue almost helped me realising what my error was...

I'm writing about it under th subject About and Inheritance

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